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Getting Started

Doubt in your ability as a parent, to be a teacher

Doubt in your ability to be home with your children 24/7

Fear of what family and friends might think

Fear of any legal issues that may arise

  • Fear of failing your children

HSAMF has put together these pages of information to help give you facts, figures, and encouragement to know that Yes, you can do a good job educating your children.

Secret To Homeschooling Freedom      

Homeschool With Confidence


                                  On average, homeschool students in grades 1-4 perform one grade level

                                                        higher than their public and private school counterparts.

(Lawrence Rudner, Scholastic Achievement and Demographic Characteristics of Home School Students in 1998.  Read the full report here.)

Taking the following steps can get you and your family off to a great start.

1. Research

There are abundant amounts of methods, curriculums, sources, and articles on homeschooling.  At times the flood of information can become overwhelming.  HSAMF has put together a compilation of information to help you.  In addition we strongly recommend that you connect with other military homeschoolers to ask questions and gain wisdom from veterans who know exactly where you are coming from.  As a member with HSAMF you will have connection to military families around the nation, to gain support and ideas from.  You are not alone!

2. Understand the Laws in your State

Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states but the laws differ greatly. Thankfully HSAMF’s partnership with the Home School Legal Defense Association helps connect you to the most recent laws for your state.  State Laws

Homeschooling is also legal if you are stationed overseas.  Even in countries such as Germany, where for citizens of Germany it is illegal, if you are a military family member of a soldier stationed in that country than you can homeschool.  HSAMF recommends that you stay connected with us, HSLDA, and your school liaison officer for any extra support you may need during your time out of country.  HSAMF provides more information on the private member pages.  Not yet a member?  Join Now

3. Choose a support Group

A support group is a benefit to you as the teacher as well as your students.  Support groups vary.  Up until the establishment of HSAMF, military families struggled with connecting to new groups every time they moved.  Now however, HSAMF provides stability for members regardless of where the military sends your family.  Even after you choose to retire from the military, you can still stay connected with the friends you’ve built through HSAMF.

4. Choose a Method/Curriculum

There are a number of different methods and curriculums to choose from. 

Don’t become overwhelmed.  Most importantly look at your child/ren carefully and pick a method that works for you and his or her learning styles. 

Don’t feel caught up in the inability to change if something doesn't work.  This inability to change is what is holding back public schools from being as successful.  You however as a homeschooling parent, can make necessary changes so that your children are enjoying their education.

Take advice from others with a grain of salt.  Your family is not like everyone else’s, listen to the wisdom that veteran homeschoolers have, and then make the choices that are best for you and your children.  You as a teacher and parent will learn and grow on this adventure, as much if not more than the students you are teaching, so have fun with it!

5. Withdraw from public/private school

For some this can be the scariest part.  Every state is different, and the experiences that you will hear from others are different.  HSAMF advises that you first, review your state specific laws, and then, follow these steps (varies on state requirements)

               A.  Complete the:

                            - Sample Letter of Withdrawal by Parent (PSA)

                            - Sample Letter of Withdrawal by Parent (PSP)

                            - Sample Letter of Withdrawal and Request to Transfer Records

               B.  Make sure all public school books and other property of the school are returned and any balances due (library fines, etc.) are paid prior to withdrawal.

               C.  Send the letter certified mail, return receipt requested through the post office.  Keep a copy of the letter and the post office receipt for your records to document your correspondence

                D. You can keep your child home the day after you send the letter.

                E. File a private school affidavit (if required for your state).

                F. Have Fun!