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Parent Resources

Don't doubt in your ability as a parent, to be a teacher.

Don't doubt in your ability to be home with your children 24/7.

Don't fear what family and friends might think.

Don't fear any legal issues that may arise.

Don't fear that you might fail your children.

HSLDA offers information you need in your day-to-day family and homeschool operations, including links to resources that we believe you will find very helpful. Click on the link that best suits your family's needs:

Getting Started

HSLDA's consultants offer great tips on getting started homeschooling. Click here for some basic guidelines.

Other Helpful Websites for Military Parents

Special Needs Resources

If you have suggestions for other links that should be included, submit your suggestions at military@hslda.org


LD Consultation Services

Mrs. Hedden has two homeschool graduates, who are both pursuing college degrees at this time. Her son graduated in 2012, went to Army Basic Training for the National Guard (pictured).   Her oldest daughter, is studying at Whitefield College's Distance Learning program with a major in Classical Ed.

As her schedule allows, Mrs. Hedden schedules Consultations, teaching parents how to more effectively teach their LD children. She firmly believes parents must teach “through the child’s strengths to his weaknesses”.

Although Mrs. Hedden has baccalaureate degrees in both Social Work and Psychology, her research into various Learning Disabilities was pursued in an effort to find information, which would allow her to overcome the challenges of one of her own children. During the hours of study, she has researched a variety of learning differences. Even though a believer that Charlotte Mason’s philosophy and method of education is excellent for teaching both average and challenged students, she willingly assists parents using whatever method of education they choose to use with their LD students.

Cheri is available as a resource for parents needing a consultation for homeschooling special needs (dyslexia type). She teaches parents how to teach their special needs child. Cheri can be reached by at 850-629-9454 or heddenhome@gmail.com.




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