Box Tops for Education

Your Exclusive Member Benefit!

2017-2018 Box Tops Program

Your family and/or homeschool group can directly earn the money from the Box Tops you save!

How does the program work? 

Any HSAMF member can participate on behalf of their own family or their homeschool group, co-op, or support group. All your family/group needs to do is appoint a coordinator who will send all your Box Tops to our home office. Each Box Top coupon is worth 10 cents. Occasionally you will even find doubles or bonus box tops!


When do we get paid? 

Payment dates are approximately 60 days after turn in dates. You turn in your coupons on October 20, 2017 and February 20, 2018 and General Mills processes and sends the checks out by December 15 and April 15. Once received from General Mills, our coordinator will process and send your check to you.


What do participating groups need to do?

  1. Clip any Box Top certificate from participating products
  2. Must be original Box Tops!  No photo copies or computer printouts, etc.
  3. Expiration date must be legible and not expiredIt is okay if the edges are ragged, as long as the expiration date is legible.
  4. Turn in Box Tops to your group coordinator prior to the deadline


What do I need to do?

  1. Verify all expiration dates are legible and valid
  2. Separate Box Top coupons into bundles of 50
  3. Secure each bundle in a baggie, with string, or a rubber band
  4. Tally and bundle special (i.e. bonus) Box Top coupons separately
  5. Complete the submission form * This program is only open to HSAMF members.  Membership is Free but there must be a registration on file. Sign up today.


What do we send to the HSAMF Coordinator?

  1. Completed submission form
  2. Box tops grouped in bundles of 50
  3. Additional or extra box tops (in a group smaller than 50) grouped, counted, and marked
  4. Self-addressed stamped envelope – so our office can mail your check promptly when it comes


Box tops will not be accepted after October 20, 2017 and February 20, 2018

Contact Info:

HSAMF  Attn: Melissa Lubash  P.O. Box 642221  Omaha, NE  68164  (402)906-9766