The HSAMF Pen Pal Program is a literacy-based, traditional letter writing pen pal program, available to military and civilian homeschoolers, ages 5-17 worldwide.  Our program is a fun way to help your child practice their literacy skills, while making a new friend.

Registration fee of $10 per child/per pen pal.


Why Connect with a Pen Pal?

Children love it:

  • It helps them foster new (and possibly life-long) friendships

  • It allows them to practice the traditional form of letter writing and correspondence

  • They love getting letters in the mail from their pen pal!

Parents love it:

  • One of the few remaining choices for finding a safe and trusted traditional letter-writing pen pal program for their child or children

  • Many parents remember having a pen pal when they were children and want to give their child the same positive, fun learning experience

  • Parents love helping their child find new friends their own age and gender

  • Reinforces communication and literacy skills

  • Opens their child’s eyes to a larger world, and other cultures and traditions outside their own

  • Teaches interpersonal skills, self-confidence, empathy and understanding for someone outside of themselves… and much more!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is my information safe?

Your Information is Never Shared.  HSAMF is a recognized 501 (c) 3 and an independent organization not affiliated with or endorsed by the U.S. Armed Forces.

HSAMF's Privacy Policy (PDF)

What is it?

HSAMF’s Pen Pal Program is a traditional, letter writing pen pal program, available to all homeschool children ages 5-17. The registration fee is $10per child/per match. Parents will receive information via e-mail regarding pen pals for their child.

How did the program begin?

Part of the vision of HSAMF is to unite the homeschool community.  When our office began receiving inquiries about a program, leaders and volunteers started to research the benefits. Some reports discussed the benefits of children who form pen pal relationships and their increased ability to express ideas, information, and feelings (Epal Writing), another report showed research that indicated children with learning disabilities thrived with the fun way to develop their fine motor skills (Teaching Exceptional Children), and still another study showed the positive benefits from allowing children to increase their cross-cultural knowledge through writing a pen pal (Cross-Cultural Pen Pals Expand Children’s World View).

HSAMF then looked to other successful programs such as Amazing Kids! PenPals for ideas, why reinvent the wheel! A fantastic group of volunteers stepped up to lead the program and in the first 6 months over 500 children registered. Thank you for participating and helping us unite the homeschool community; military and civilian, worldwide.

How does it work?

Parents and homeschool group leaders sign up their children using the link to the Pen Pal registration form.  In addition parents must mail in a signed parent agreement. HSAMF’s Pen Pal Coordinator will match students of the same gender and age with other students who may share similar interests and hobbies, based on the information provided on the registration form.

I’ve completed both forms. What happens next?

HSAMF’s Pen Pal Coordinator will contact you once a match has been found. You will be asked to call the other parent or group leader of the pen pal HSAMF has selected for your child. If both adults agree that the pen pal match is a good one, then the students may begin writing to each other. If the match is determined not to be a good one, HSAMF will try and find an alternative match.

PenPal Policy

It is our policy to match children up to 1 time per child, and 1 rematch if the first match does not work out. If additional matches are needed outside of the additional 1 time rematch, parents will be billed $10 per child/per match. We also require a signed physical copy of the parent agreement. Without the parent agreement and the $10 fee, we will be unable to match children. If at any time there is a problem with the match please contact our office, penpalprogram@hsamf.org. Parents/Guardians, not HSAMF or its volunteers, are responsible for ensuring proper matching and safety of their child's correspondence with their PenPal.

Happy Writing!