Home School Starter Kit

You know what it feels like to make the decision to homeschool, so many steps and details! You remember your excitement-and mixed apprehension- as you committed to begin.

The Home School Association for Military Families hears from many families who are just starting their homeschool journey, many mid-year, when the resources of curriculum fairs and conventions are not available.

Our kit contains items a typical homeschool family would find useful in getting started, such as: a few educational supplies and a daily planner; information on state laws, mentorship information, curriculum options, and encouraging material.

Our goal is to help families start off on the path to success.


As you reflect back on your first year of homeschooling, think of the support you had—or wish you had received.  Consider sponsoring a Homeschool Starter Kit today and send encouragement to a military family beginning this journey.

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