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Kids Book Reviews

Homeschool Book Review - Wonder

This year we will feature book reviews from military homeschoolers around the globe! This month we checked in with Homeschool Boys Book Club who reviewed the book "Wonder " by E.J. Palacio. When the boys completed their book discussion, they sketched an animal that best represented themselves. There were sketch tutorial books on hand to aid them as they sketched. The boys got quite creative. In addition to animals they imagined themselves in other ways as well. The boys rated "Wonder" 8 out of 10. Great job boys!

Homeschool Boys Book Club meets once a month on Tuesday for a book discussion and activity.  This month's book is "The Candymakers" by Wendy Mass.  The boys gave "The Candymakers" 8 out of 10 thumbs up.

After the discussion, the boys reluctantly washed their hands and worked together to follow the recipe for Taffy. They were surprised at how much effort went into pulling taffy, but after they tasted their creations, all agreed it was worth the work! YUM!  They even shared their taffy recipe. Thanks for sharing boys!