The Home School Association for Military Families (HSAMF)

P.O. Box 642221 Omaha, NE 69164 Phone: 402-906-9766 Website: www.hsamf.org


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Thank you for joining the Home School Association for Military Families and welcome to our organization! HSAMF membership covers more than 81 military installations, 26 states, and 3 countries.

The following are among the benefits and resources HSAMF provides to its members.

Website at www.hsamf.org: The members-only portion of the website contains committee lists, archived chat room, a searchable directory of members, sample homeschool forms and a great deal of information on both homeschooling and military life. During your first visit to the website, if you do not already have your username and password, you can retrieve them by clicking the “login”, then “forgot your password?” and request to have them emailed to you. You can also help us keep your contact information up to date by making any necessary changes in the “Family Profile” screen.

HSAMF newsletter: The newsletter is published electronically, monthly through the year. All issues include association news and links to information of interest on the HSAMF website, including volunteer openings, upcoming meetings, sponsor resources, program activity dates and letter from the Executive Director. If you have provided an email address, you will receive the newsletter by email. Past issues of the newsletter are available on our website at www.hsamf.org. Kerrin Weatherwax is the volunteer newsletter director kerrin.weatherwax@hsamf.org.

Home School Enrichment Magazine: The Home School Enrichment Magazine is the leading print publication for homeschoolers and a subscription is included with your membership. 12 issues are published per year. You may choose to opt out of your subscription at time of membership enrollment. If you already have a subscription to this publication HSAMF will automatically renew your subscription as part of your membership benefits.

Private Facebook Group: Upon acceptance of your membership you will be emailed an invite to our organizations private Facebook group. This is a place you can meet other families, share ideas, and remain encouraged.

Committees: If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact the committee chair directly (listings can be found on the website or in the directory). The committee minutes are available on the members-only side of the website and will give you an idea of the current activities of the committee. The Executive Director reviews the membership annually and members who have not been active on the committee are replaced. The Executive Director recommends new members to the Board of Directors for approval. A number of committees have ongoing activities via email or phone through the year. The list of committees and their members appears on the web.

HSAMF has added a new feature in the HSAMF website called “Committee Management.” This feature enables Committee chairs to communicate with committee members on agendas and relevant topics. You will have committee member-only access to committee correspondence and specific committee documents. Note: Only HSAMF committee members have access to this feature!

Programs, Scholarships, and Discount Card: Upon signing into your family membership account you will be able to access the Pen Pal program discount code and link to print your family Educator Discount Card.

Our organizations Pen Pal program is open to all homeschoolers. Those families who do not support our organization through membership pay a $10 per child/per match program fee. You as a member can use the code to waive the program fee.

Educator Discount Cards can be printed for the entire family or for each individual child registered in HSAMF’s system. You can update your family information at any time using the “Family Profile” tab.

Scholarships are opened periodically throughout the year and available to each child within your membership family. Details will be posted on the membership only site as well as emailed to you when with scholarship details and deadlines.

Who do you contact to change your address, phone, or emails or have questions on your dues status? The Secretary’s office maintains the official HSAMF membership list that is used for mailings and other business of the organization. The contact is secretary-@hsamf.org or phone 402-906-9766. The best way to update your information is through the “Family Profile” page of the HSAMF website (www.hsamf.org).

Information of interest to our members: HSAMF maintains a distribution list in order to inform members in a timely matter of topics of particular interest. If you provided an email address upon joining the HSAMF, you will automatically be added to this list. You may update your preferences with the “update preferences” option at the bottom of every email or by calling our office 402-906-9766.

Again, thank you and welcome to your membership in the Home School Association for Military Families



Mariel K. Barreras

HSAMF Executive Director