Committees are an extension of our organizations leadership.  HSAMF members are encouraged to join a committee and take an active role in strengthening the only national military homeschool association.  

 If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact the committee chair directly (listings can be found on the website or in the directory). The committee minutes are available on the members-only side of the website and will give you an idea of the current activities of the committee. The Executive Director reviews the membership annually and members who have not been active on the committee are replaced. The Executive Director recommends new members to the Board of Directors for approval. A number of committees have ongoing activities via email or phone through the year. The list of committees and their members appears on the web.

HSAMF has added a new feature in the HSAMF website called “Committee Management.” This feature enables Committee chairs to communicate with committee members on agendas and relevant topics. You will have committee member-only access to committee correspondence and specific committee documents. Note: Only HSAMF committee members have access to this feature!