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School Liaison Officer (SLO)

School Liaison Officers as a Homeschooling Resource

Did you know school liaison officers are there to support homeschool families as well as traditional and private school students?

"My first experience with a School Liaison Officer (SLO) was during a deployment. I was concerned with the quality of education that my children were receiving at the local public school. My first call was to the School Liaison Officer. I was devastated when I made that call and held back tears while explaining our situation. She listened quietly and when I was done asked me if I was able to come to her office. She explained that she could provide me with deployment resources for the kids and would like to discuss homeschooling options. After our meeting I was not completely confident about homeschooling our children, but I felt that at least I had enough Information to research the option of homeschooling. The School Liaison Officer also told me about HSAMF and the resources availble in connecting with other military homeschoolers across the United States."

-Carmen Blackmore, Army Wife/Homeschool Mom

The Home School Association for Military Families (HSAMF) works with School Liaison Officers to offer training on the needs specific to homeschool children and families.  Our organization also acts as a mediator when conflicting information is recieved between parents and installation personnel regarding access to facilities, state laws, etc.

Here is some information about what School Liaison Officers can do to support your family.

School Liaison Officers:

  • serve as the primary point of contact for school-related matters for military students
  • represents, informs, and assists Commands to ensure that service members and their families have the resources they need for educational success
  • assist military families with educational issues from kindergarten to college or trade school
  • coordinates with local school systems to guarantee students are supported
  • helps to connect families to resources identified specifically for military students
  • forge partnerships between the military and schools
  • Identify barriers to academic success and develop solutions

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